Opening doors to digital literacy with online modules


The Creators

The creators of the Links to Literacy site are MLIS graduate students studying at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science in cooperation with the goals and vision of the Huntington Beach Public Library. 

The Learners

Most of the learners using Links to Literacy are patrons and tutors at the Huntington Beach Public Library who do not have computers in their homes and will access Links to Literacy through the library. The patrons represent a diverse community with varying education levels and for many, English is their second language. The goal of Links to Literacy is to help library users at Huntington Beach Public Library become more comfortable with using computers, have some fun, and explore online resources that will help connect with others, find jobs, and explore areas of interest. Other “users” will be the tutors and library staff who use this as a teaching tool and launch pad for future training.

The Library Partnership

Huntington Beach Public Library’s goal for this program is to open conversations about technology with the staff and use this program as a launch pad for future ideas of how to expand their services to their patrons. This project is aimed as a launch pad for additional instruction and access to online resources connecting library resources to the specific needs and interests of the patrons.